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Welcome to The Hot Box Company

Feel free to browse our collection of made to measure Bespoke Radiator Covers, Fitted Bedrooms and Bespoke Units

Made to measure radiator cabinets, Fitted Bedrooms and Bespoke Units

Welcome to The Hot Box Company. We are the specialist experts with a huge collection of stunning made to measure radiator covers and bespoke fitted bedrooms. All our bespoke radiator cabinets and bespoke bedrooms are made here in the United Kingdom.

The right furniture can make or break a room. With the right bespoke radiator cover, you can help add character to a room, contribute to a theme, and add function and beauty to its atmosphere. 

 There are homes that make use of mirrored furniture and it has a great impact to the appeal of these spaces. It can give a spacious look and feel the area where it is placed. Aside from that, it can also add a dash of glamour and elegance.

 If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated made to measure radiator cover style for your room, you may want to consider our Mirrored custom made radiator covers for a reflective perspective to your room. 

Interior Designers today have incorporated mirrored reflections in an array of possibilities. The aspects of these designs are to bring variability and adaptability to the room while offering a personalized sense of style. 

Our custom made radiator cabinets, fitted wardrobes, alcove units, bookshelf Units are hand-made by skilled carpenters and also use modern methods. We can spray finish to a colour match of your choice. 

Visit The Hot Box Company showroom in North London to see our huge range of our made to measure radiator cabinet’s collection of our traditional, contemporary and mirrored radiator cover designs. 

We have Quality Fitted Bedrooms on display with over 40 styles of doors and over 65 door colours to choose from. 

We are not like other companies who hide behind a website selling bespoke radiator cabinets and bedrooms, we pride ourselves having our own showroom so our customers can see our custom made radiator cabinets’ first-hand before they purchase.

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