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Bespoke Radiator Covers

We have it covered… From our own clever designs to your home

We have an extensive collection of bespoke radiator covers to choose from, in traditional, classic, contemporary, modern, or mirrored, including Classic and Modern Deluxe, Mayfair, Richmond, Radlett, Chigwell and our newest style Kingston. Our made to measure radiator cabinets will complement and blend in any room in your home. 

Whichever design of bespoke Radiator Covers you select from The Hot Box Company you will have full and easy access to your radiator and will also allow for temperature control, cleaning and maintenance. Our Classic radiator covers as well as the Modern radiator cabinets and the Radlett radiator cover can be easily lifted up and off the fixing bracket and away from the wall. Our Deluxe Range which includes the Mayfair, Chigwell, Kingston and Richmond all have a drop down removable front panel keeping the surround cabinet securely  fixed to the wall.

The Hot Box Company’s made to measure radiator covers are designed to enhance the radiators heat efficiency and allow convection heat flow. Our bespoke radiator cabinets have air vents at the base to allow cool air to be drawn in which then pushes warm air out of the top vents concealed under the top shelf. This projects the heat directly into the living part of the room where it is required rather than allowing the heat to rise to the ceiling or out of a window situated above, ensuring energy efficiency. All our custom made radiator cabinets are made here in Britain by our skilled cabinet makers.

​All bespoke radiator cabinets from The Hot Box Company’s collection are of the highest degree of excellence and quality. Our ongoing designs over the past 27 years has given us impressive comments, feedbacks and testimonials from our private customers, interior designers, property developers and architects alike and we are clearly the leading specialist in bespoke radiator cabinets. 

​Please contact us with your individual selected style and dimensions following our How to measure guide and we will be happy to give you a quote and discuss any questions you may have. ​All our radiator cabinets are fully assembled and ready for fitting. We provide a Delivery and Fitting service and every radiator cover is expertly installed and scribed to fit with your existing skirting board. Please ask for more details on our fitting service.

The right furniture can make or break a room. With the right radiator cover, you can help add character to a room, contribute to a theme, and add function and beauty to its atmosphere.  There are homes that make use of mirrored furniture and it has a great impact to the appeal of these spaces. It can give a spacious look and feel the area where it is placed. Aside from that, it can also add a dash of glamour and elegance. 

If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated bespoke radiator cabinet style for your room, you may want to consider our Mirrored custom made radiator covers for a reflective perspective to your room. Interior Designers today have incorporated mirrored reflections in an array of possibilities. The aspects of these designs are to bring variability and adaptability to the room while offering a personalized sense of style.

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